Password Recovery Done Right

Everyone urges you to invent unique and complicated passwords for each service you use. However, complicated passwords are difficult to memorize, which can lead to a serious problem, especially if you encrypted something important with a now forgotten password. Typically, password recovery is available only for less secure (read: unencrypted) services. We have found a solution which allows you to recover lost data without compromising its confidentiality.

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2 thoughts on “Password Recovery Done Right

  1. I went through the prompts to recover password on the my account site and then was sent Russian emails after i completed the password recovery stating that i needed to enter my account email in again (which i stupidly did) it also included an advertisement sent by kaspersky for the art institutes that I was not able to delete using the check boxes on yahoo ad was forced to open it obviously it began leading me to some sort of malicious site. I have security set at max and never received any warnings (also all attachments for chrome) is there anyway i didn’t just get hacked/a virus?

    • Hi Steven,

      We’re sorry to hear this happened. We aren’t sure if the site you accessed was our official website, so we suggest running a full scan of your system. Were you able to recover your password?

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