I’ve lost an activation code. What should I do?

Kaspersky Lab Technical Support specialists answer a great number of requests concerning activation code recovery methods.


The Kaspersky Quick Start Guide, which contains your activation code, informs users to hold onto the document, but many individuals end up misplacing it. For those who purchase their products online, the activation code comes in the form of an email, which, again, many users forget to save.

Keep the document with the activation code in a secure place until the corresponding license renewal or expiration.

According to the License Agreement terms, “To check the legitimacy of the Software use the Rightholder reserves the right to use means to verify that you have a licensed copy of the Software.” Technical Support specialists can ask to verify the legitimacy of your software use by providing a copy of a document containing the code. If you cannot provide a copy, your software will work with limited functionality and Kaspersky Lab specialists may cancel providing technical support. Therefore, you should keep the document in a secure place.


We’ve been asked, “I bought the antivirus in 2000. Should I still hold on to the box?” No, you do not need to keep the box. It is required to keep a renewal document until the corresponding license renewal or expiration.

And what should you do if the code is lost? If you reinstall the software, you need to request the code again. Activation codes are not stored in applications or registry. If your current activation code was not added to My Account (my.kaspersky.com), you will have to remember where you stored it.

If the license was purchased in our Online Shop, you can easily request to re-send your order.

If the license was purchased in our Online Shop, you can easily request to re-send your order. We highly recommended saving your email containing the code until your license expires. It’s also worth mentioning that the online shop is our partner, so you therefore need to contact the online shop directly.

If you bought your license in a shop on a physical medium (e.g. CD), you can submit a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support and attach a screenshot of the window with your license number. We need the screenshot to verify that the license number was not re-written by a third person.

If you deleted your Kaspersky Lab product and cannot view your license number, but have another computer with the same Kaspersky Lab product activated with the same activation code, then you can send a screenshot of a window with your license number made on that computer. The license number will be the same.

Remember, it is impossible to restore your commercial activation code by a trial license number.

A Kaspersky Lab product can be pre-installed on a purchased computer or by a technical specialist. If you have a receipt like a “Standard software package,” the document will not verify the legitimacy of the software. The seller must provide a document’s package, including the purchased Kaspersky Lab license and receipt. If you do not have the document’s package, contact the seller to get all the required documents.

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25 thoughts on “I’ve lost an activation code. What should I do?




  2. dear
    i have format my laptop and i have lost my activation key of internet security 2015 3 year 3 PC on 4 august 2015 . I only have the CD and kaspersky internet security packet. please help

  3. I’ve lost my activation code. The total packet of 3-users along with the CD-s are kept at my place, but, I cannot identify the activation code I activated against my pc bearing ip address:- Please help me by resending on email.

  4. my laptop’s hard disk crashed now. i bought 2 months ago kaspersky internet scurity i did not saved license no.
    how can i recover that

    • Follow the instructions laid out in the article above and it will help you recover your activation code to reinstall!

  5. I have purchased a product online and I lost the activation code due to hard disk crash, the product is a 3 yr package, and I want to get the activation code and license back. Kindly help

  6. please i format my computer and i lost my activation code so please ineed your help if you can resend me the activation code to my email: rtaghloubi1@hotmail.com
    and this is for two computers
    thanx in advance

  7. I change my laptop and i lost my activation code so please ineed your help if you can resend me the activation code to my email: lucaangioletti@hotmail.it
    and this is for 3 computers
    thanx in advance

  8. My Surface Pro 4 crashed. But I lost the box and code for Internet Security 2016 I purchased in an independent store. I only have the CD and receipt. How could I re-activate?

  9. I have lost my Kaspersky activation code i need to upgrade my laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10 i hav only the key of kaspersky .. remaining days of internet security is 850 days how can i get the activation code ?? help me out

  10. Please i formated my computer and installed anew operating system, unfortunately i lost my activation code for Kaspersky internet security 2015. So please i need your help if you can resend me the activation code to my email: stephenkibbs@yahoo.com
    Managed to capture the screenshot as below,
    key: D35A3018-6449-44E7-81BA-5868A9475E16
    Status: Active
    License: for 4 computers 365 days
    Activation Date: 11/9/2015
    Expiration Date: 11/8/2016
    Remaining: 217days

  11. Dear Sir, i have format my computer and i lost my activation code so please need your help if you can resend me the activation code to my email: arunthilakan2@gmail.com
    and this is for 3 years
    thanx in advance

  12. Sir

    I was not find half code where kaspersky antivirus is.. I was purchased from shop.. it was special edition 3cds inside with individual keys. So I happned to scratch code but half code is missing, third and fourth code are there.. it purchased for 2015 September

    Can you help me to restore first code and second code..if you can. thank you for your help..

  13. Your Webpage says
    “If the license was purchased in our Online Shop, you can easily request to re-send your order”
    I am reasonably positive but not sure if I purchased my KIV from your Online Shop. i was wondering if you could supply me with the activation code I paid for KIS.

    Kaspersky is a great program and I am angry that I have thrown out, in the rubbish, the current activation code and lost it from my PC when I replaced the Motherboard.

    Thanks for any assistance you can give me.

  14. i bought a 3pc 1year 3 cd pack but the activation code missing while removing the adhesive cover what to do

  15. i was purchased in last year, but my hard drive got some problem and i change it and also i lost the activation code card now my friend still have valid so please tell me how i can find the activation code in his computer, that card for three devices so we still have one valid but no card

  16. I purchased Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 last year 3 pc 3 years, I had a problem with my hard drive and I had formatted , in the process I lost my licensed copy, my other 2 friends are using it fine, please tell me how to get my activation code, there are some 750 odd days left, i need help, thanks in advance

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