Kaspersky Anti-Virus Leads the Independent Performance Test!

Ever heard complaints about computer slowdown caused by running antiviral protection? It’s not relevant anymore, that is, if you use a modern antivirus that has been thoroughly optimized for the best performance possible. Independent tests show that such products exist and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 is among the fastest.


Recent performance tests conducted by the independent laboratory AV-Comparatives covered more than twenty popular antiviruses. Researchers measured computer slowdown when copying and archiving files, installing and running software and so on. They also used an industry standard benchmark, PC Mark 7, and compared a PC’s index with and without protection.  All these tests proved minimal impact on the system performance (impact index 0,4 – minimal among all competitors) caused by Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013. That’s why our solution has rightfully received the highest mark from AV-Comparatives – Advanced+.


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3 thoughts on “Kaspersky Anti-Virus Leads the Independent Performance Test!

  1. Will there be a test for the Security suite and do you think that Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2013 will fare as its antivirus counterpart did? In the 2012 Security Suites, Kaspersky did not fare so well in the performance test.

  2. Eh…. Yeah… Wins is a big word… Ties is a better word… 3 Products with the same score… I would say anything with an impact score lower than 1.0 is a winner. And knowing that the Baseline Microsoft product is at 5.6, anything better than that in performance (we do not have to discuss detection results when you have to be better than Microsoft) is a winner…

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