Tip of the week: How to increase performance of a protected computer

Kaspersky Lab is amongst those market leaders who produce software that secures data from computer threats while providing a wide range of solutions both for consumer and business users. In choosing to install Kaspersky PURE you can be sure that your computer will have the best protection available. Some may complain that installing Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus decreases your computer’s overall performance, especially by slowing down the launch of applications during a computer startup.
Actually though, an installed antivirus solution does not slow down a computer, but instead serves its purpose by protecting the computer through scanning the activity of applications within the system. If you look at independent tests, you can see that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the speediest solutions available.
And, like any program, Kaspersky PURE can be customized to meet your needs.
In our case, the program includes a special function to postpone the automatic start of applications, which allows conceding operating system resources at computer startup.
To enable this option, in the application settings window go to the Additional tab. In the left frame, select Compatibility. In the right frame, check the Concede operating system resources at computer startup box.
In spite of its usefulness, do not overuse this function. Remember that with the function enabled, Kaspersky PURE will not scan established network connections until application startup. Thus, malware actions will not be intercepted and blocked.
Read about similar function in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013.


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5 thoughts on “Tip of the week: How to increase performance of a protected computer

  1. I used Kaspy years and years, and still. But I’m sure in one thing – Kasp is most happy if got one computer only for himself.

  2. Hi Kaspersky Labs Daily & All Users,

    All i can say is that i too am a long term Kaspersky Labs product user.
    Helpful tip though.
    I think i will keep it unchecked.
    Most modern computers have normally got enough power now a days to be able to run most anti-virus engines no problem any ways.

    My Specs are:
    Notebook: Amilo LI 2727.
    O.S: Windows 7 ultimate 32Bit “Retail”
    R.A.M: 3Gb.
    C.P.U: Intel Celeron Genuine Intel CPU T1400 @ 1.73GHz Dual Core.
    Protection: Kaspersky PURE 3.0 13.02.558(b).

    I don’t really seem to ever have any problems with the Notebook even with my paranoid modded settings of PURE 3.0.
    Thank You

  3. I have recently switched to Kaspersky Internet Security. I love the added security in KIS but felt my system becamse much slower especially when launching new setup files. It seems that KIS is trying to check the file against its definitions and against the Kaspersky Security Network (Cloud Protection) but this is awfully slow! It takes me around 15-20 seconds to launch EXE files. This doesn’t happen with the well known programs but happens mostly with new programs that are probably new KIS!

    It takes me for example 30 seconds to launch the Freemake Video Converter setup file while I am running on an SSD for god’s sake on a high end Notebook (check sig for specs)

    With that said, this time I decided to do something different. While installing KIS, I unchecked the box which enables you to participate in the Kaspersky Security Network by sending info about your programs to Kaspersky. Wow! That made a night and day difference! It’s like I bought a new computer! My system is much snappier now and programs and program installations load much faster.

    If you have the option to send info about your Programs/System to the Kaspersky Network (which you probably do since that is the default installation method), then simply bring up the Main KIS window, then click on Settings, then follow the steps.

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