Home PC Security Made Easy With PURE 3.0

Just a few years ago, it was rare to find someone who had more than one or maybe two Internet-connected devices in their home. Now, you’d have to look high and low to locate someone with fewer than three or four PCs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles or even TVs connected directly to the Internet. Having instant access to the Web on any device is convenient, but it also means that the threats once present only on laptops and PCs now are a reality for all of the other devices, as well.


It is a truism in the security world that the attackers will go where the data—and therefore the potential profit—is, and while that once meant attacking PCs with simple malware, today’s attackers have a much broader target set and a more diverse set of tools to employ. No longer do they rely solely on worms, Trojans and phishing malware. Now attackers are going after all of your devices with advanced tools customized for each platform and each operating system. There are pieces of mobile malware designed specifically to attack Android devices or iPhones and grab sensitive user data and send it off to the attacker for later use or sale.

In this environment, it’s no longer enough to simply protect and patch the one PC or tablet that you use most often; you must extend that protection to every Internet-connected device you own, regardless of the platform or usage profile. Attackers know all too well that many users have home networks set up to enable sharing of files, photos, movies and other content, and so their goal is just to get on one of those devices and then find the valuable data wherever it may be. The ultimate PC protection in Kaspersky PURE 3.0 is designed with this new reality in mind and is meant to help savvy home users protect all of their devices at once.

The ultimate PC protection in Kaspersky PURE 3.0 is designed with this new reality in mind and is meant to help savvy home users protect all of their devices at once.

PURE 3.0 includes a slew of advanced features that make defending your valuable digital assets effortless and efficient. The new online backup feature removes the stress of backing up precious files such as family photos and tax returns and simply handles this task in the background, automatically saving copies of this data to the cloud. So if one of your PCs or tablets is compromised or stolen, you’ll have clean copies of any lost data available on your other devices. Only about 45% of people use online storage for their personal data, according to research by O+K conducted for Kaspersky Lab, and the others are leaving that valuable data at risk.

Also included in PURE 3.0 is a password sync feature that enables users to synchronize their passwords across multiple devices. This alleviates the stress of trying to create and remember complex passwords and makes it easier for users to be secure when surfing on any one of their devices. This feature fits in nicely with the improved management console in PURE 3.0, which allows users to manage the security of all of their protected devices from one simple interface. The ability to control the protection of every device is especially important for parents who might not have physical access to their kids’ devices. Research done by Harris Interactive in 2012 found that only 10% of parents were using some form of parental control software, an amazingly low number. But PURE 3.0 includes simple-to-use parental controls, as well, which make it easier to monitor and limit children’s online activities.

If, like most of us today, you’re running your digital life from three or four or even more devices, protecting them all can be a difficult task. But the features built into PURE 3.0 are designed to simplify that job and make online life safer and more enjoyable at the same time.

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