Don’t be ‘Facebook friends’ with strangers

It may seem like a great idea to become Facebook friends with people overseas that you’ve never met – and never will meet – but Facebook has a suggestion: don’t do it. Yes, the social media giant – that wants the world to connect on its platform – strongly warns its members to be virtual friends only with people that are already their actual friends or acquaintances.

facebook stranger

Get the Facebook guide – ‘Own Your Space’

In 2011, after several controversies that grew out of ill-advised data sharing among users, Facebook released a guide to Facebook security – entitled ‘Own Your Space’.  It covers an array of general best practices for online behaviour, including password management and how to recognise phishing scams (email or message-based scams that pretend to have legitimate purposes).

Beware of the criminals

Facebook is a fertile hunting ground for hackers, scammers and criminals that see opportunities in the global reach and massive user base of the social network. Phishing, password-reset ploys and other scams have been prevalent on Facebook for several years. However, users can help protect themselves from these attacks by applying simple reasoning to their online interactions.

Facebook security – and online security in general – is constantly evolving, so it’s wise to keep up-to-date on security best practice.  Always be aware that some of what you share about yourself could be accessed by almost anyone with an Internet connection. As a first step, it’s worth following Facebook’s advice… don’t become Facebook friends with strangers.

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