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When a browser asks you if you want it to store, save, or remember your password and you allow it to do so, it actually does store your password in the browser. On Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, at least, you can actually look these passwords up in plain-text, meaning they aren’t encrypted, obscured, or hidden in any way. As Eric Geier pointed out in a report for PC World in August, Mozilla Firefox does the best job of this because it allows you to establish a master password that obscures all the rest of your passwords. If you don’t establish a master-password, then any clown can jump on your computer, access the settings in Firefox, and peruse all your passwords. Of course, if you let clowns use your PC, you likely have other problems.

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Beyond this, Firefox has a few other helpful security and privacy settings as well. You can find them in the Firefox pull-down menu under ‘options.’ In the privacy tab you can choose to opt out of web-tracking. For those of you that don’t know, some web applications will track your browsing so that advertisers can target advertisements for you. Firefox supports ‘Do Not Track,’ so if you check the box that says ‘Tell websites I do not want to be tracked,’ your browser will ask these web apps not to track you as you browse the Web.

If you click the ‘security’ tab in the Firefox options menu there are a few more features that will help increase your security online. You can choose to be warned when sites try to install add-ons. With this feature enabled, Firefox will block automatic installations when a site tries to install an add-on without your permission. If you want the add-on, then you can allow it, but oftentimes these installations are unrequested and sometimes they are even malicious. You can also choose to block reported attack sites. With this feature enabled, Firefox will warn you if you accidentally or intentionally browse to a site that is known to interfere with normal computer functions or send personal data about you to unauthorized parties. You are also offered the option to block reported web forgeries. This feature helps root out phishing attempts by letting you know when Firefox thinks a site is trying to trick you into providing personal and or valuable information.

At the bottom of the security tab is where Firefox handles the password management we discussed above. You can choose to allow or not allow password storage and, if you allow it, you can choose to protect the list of passwords with a master password.

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7 thoughts on “Browser Security Features: Mozilla Firefox

  1. Now in this moment i dont believe in nafing ,after 2010 ….I was in contact,Polices,governments,televisions etc…Privacy do not exist !!! Dont gonna spend more time to take that people to the jail..3 years behind of hims,i just destroy myself ,my health etc..I just gonna do my life ,go forward…I dont believe in nafing in this world,I am tired …

    • actually… i don’t think so…. and this post(made by Kaspersky Team) just confirm that.
      if you take a look at your system, you’ll see that “Google Chrome” take alot of memory usage(and for nothing).
      there’s some exploits outhere for chrome…. things that you can’t even imagine.
      firefox has more features, lots of addons(much better then the ones for chrome, like AdBlock Plus, for example, the firefox version is 999999999 times better than the chrome one), and much, much more.

      The problem is that google atm own the internet, so you hear more good stuffs about google products.

      and well, for me, analyzing all the browsers, even the opera is better than chrome….

      anyway, “ahmad”, if you enjoy that much google chrome, you can try the “avant browser” using the chrome plugin, still better than chrome by itself…. 😉

  2. Privacy ??? Hacking by differents aways.Since february of 2010…Wikeleaks,Polices,governments etc…And after more hacking in Facebook,gmail,in all my acounts and web sites..I am to tired to takes hims to the court …Justice !!!!

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