Why upgrade to Windows 10?

Let’s talk about new security technologies in Windows 10: Are they enough to make the new operating system totally secure?
Excavations at Akrotiri: investigating secrets of the Minoan period

Kaspersky Lab sponsors and supports an archaeological excavation near the Akrotiri settlement in Greece, which can shed light on the history of the Minoan civilization.
ZCryptor: Ransomware that spreads itself as a worm

Zcryptor is a hybrid, part ransomware and part worm. It encrypts files and copies itself onto external media.
How are age-based gaming ratings set?

Age-based gaming ratings serve as a warning that the contents of the game may be unsuitable to children. We will review different rating systems used to label console and PC games
Eugene Kaspersky and Sandra Alzetta talk financial security at Kaspersky Lab and VISA roundtable, Mobile World Congress 2016

The only way to ensure the security of online payments is to be at least one step ahead of the cybercriminals, and that can be achieved only by improving the technology.