Adblock Plus For Safari Is Finally Available

The days of nasty pop-ups and overlays, flashy GIFs with saucy content, auto-playing video commercials and other less-than acceptable, intrusive and distracting advertisements are gone. One of the most popular browser extensions ever made, Adblock Plus, is now available for Safari (currently in beta). This finally makes Adblock Plus almost as versatile, as it is now supported in all major browsers, namely Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. There is also an Android version so you have the luxury of ad-free living on mobile as well.


The important difference between Adblock Plus and similar products is the developers’ policy of supporting unobtrusive ads.  Each user can choose, whether he/she wants to remove all possible ads or just inappropriate ones. This actually sounds very sensible because most websites are free, so it’s only fair to enable site owners to earn money by displaying ads. However, many sites abuse this tool by using numerous ads as well as totally user-unfriendly media formats, e.g. auto-playing videos or huge overlays with a tiny “close” button.  Adblock Plus can address this specific issue by disabling intrusive ads while keeping tactful ones.

Adblock Plus can disable intrusive ads while keeping tactful ones.

Obviously, Windows PC owners used to have a larger variety of ad-blocking tools with all major browsers covered by many vendors. Kaspersky Lab also provides Anti-Banner tool as a part of the Windows version of Kaspersky Internet Security ― Multi-device. However, ad blocking for Mac was largely associated with Chrome plugins and the AdBlock tool for Safari. It’s great that responsible ads blocking is now available to Safari users as well.

Want to proceed immediately? It’s easy – download the current beta by clicking the big green button at the bottom of the page, double-click the file you downloaded. A warning prompt will ask you to confirm you really want to install the extension. Click Install.


The extension will then be installed and an icon will be placed in your toolbar. You can click it to access the ad blocking stats as well as plugin settings.

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