When every megabyte counts

Despite the fact that we have cheap unlimited Internet connection almost everywhere, there are situations when each megabyte is literally worth its weight in gold.

What is Kaspersky Now?

  If you use Windows 8.1 and you like its multicolored and dynamic modern interface, you can install the Kaspersky Now application. It allows you to view the protection level...
windows 8 security tips

Windows 8 Security Tips

Windows 8 is being touted as a major change in the way that people will use and interact with their PCs, tablets and other devices. Much of the change is evident in the user inter...

An Interview With Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky has had an interesting, varied life, with more than his share of adventures, successes and challenges. He’s seen and done a lot, but when he learned that he...

Windows 8 Store: Is it Secure?

Yes, this is the most secure version of the Windows Store ever. Sure, it’s also the first version of the Windows Store, but Microsoft knows that the basic mechanics of the Windows...