Christmas Party Survival Guide

Expecting to attend a lot of parties and get-togethers before Christmas? Check out our infographic to make sure you and your gadgets are well-prepared!

A Monthly Roundup: Best Blog Posts

In case you weren’t following us during May, here is a list of the most popular articles that were published on Kaspersky Daily last month. Beware of Snapchat The wildly popular “...

How to Stay Secure in MMO Games

Massive multiplayer online games — MMOGs — have become hugely popular in recent years, which means, unsurprisingly, that they’ve become big targets for attackers. These games crea...

5 Tips for Safe Chatting

Aside from the endless hours we spend on Gchat at work, online chatting is mostly a kid’s game. But the responsibility falls on adults to know the basics of safe chatting so that ...