Securing Your Passwords With Pure 3.0

Despite cries and outrage from the security industry that passwords are an inadequate form of authentication for access to computers and online services, so many mechanisms depend...
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Kaspersky Internet Security

Sit back and relax – you’re safe online with Kaspersky Internet Security. It protects your PC from new & unknown threats, safeguards your online banking with Safe ...

Call for backup

Creating backup copies is one of the most reliable methods of safeguarding important data: whatever happens to your valuable files, you will always have a copy at hand. This is on...

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Watch how Kaspersky Anti-Virus blocks threats and uses cloud-based technology to provide real-time protection. And, yes, it’s fully compatible with Windows 8.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Protect your smartphone not just from malware but phishing sites and prying eyes. You also need to be able to secure your data if your phone’s lost or stolen! Check out how Kasper...

Protecting Your Mac From Malware

Due to a lack of malicious activity targeting Mac OS X it has been considered a relatively safe operating system for some time now. But times change, and that complacency can no l...