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“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you” ― Joseph Heller

Kids on the Internet

During the summer holidays, your kids will spend their time not only in parks and on seaside beaches, but a majority will also spend their time on the Internet. That is why you ne...

Twitter Improves Hack Protection

Twitter has recently caught up with competitors like Facebook and Google by improving user protection with two-factor authentication. This will help us all forget about those much...

Reasons to Encrypt Your Data

Mankind has invented many ways to keep secrets. To send a private letter in Ancient Rome, nobles could shave a slave’s head, write the letter on the skin, wait for the hair to gro...

Threats of the Digital World Q1 2013

We want you to be fully aware of the latest changes in the threat landscape. Our friends at securelist have compiled a quarterly report of digital threats and we’ve included...