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“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you” ― Joseph Heller

Video: $2 Privacy and Bad Bargains

In a study of just how much people value their privacy, Carnegie Mellon University professor Alessandro Acquisti and other researchers went to a mall outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. Th...
online shopping

How to Shop Safely Online

The days of retail shopping during the holiday season have given way to the age of E-tail: Experts predict that more shopping will be done online than in physical stores sometime ...

4 ways to secure your Gmail account

The hacking of Gmail accounts has been a constant occurrence for several years now. Those who have had their own accounts hacked know that Gmail notifies users when their accounts...
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How to Lock Down Mozilla Firefox

For users, the browser is the key to their online lives. It holds their histories, their secrets, tracks their movements and stores their passwords. So for attackers, the browser ...

How to be a more secure gamer

The reality is that, on the whole, security for gamers and gaming isn’t all that different than best practices for normal online, social networking activities. You need to maintai...

Kaspersky Academy Day 2

There is no shortage of hard problems to solve in security. Unsafe Web applications, network defense, mobile device security–all of these are challenges in need of solutions...