Does Big Brother watch your Skype?

Various Russian media outlets are reporting that Microsoft’s incredibly popular internet phone service, Skype, which is widely relied upon as a secure means to communicate c...

Automatic Exploit Prevention

Kaspersky Lab’s  Automatic Exploit Prevention technology scans the vulnerabilities in your programs and block any suspicious actions before they cause any harm.

What kind of passwords do people use

With the increasing importance of online life, each of us faces the need to use more and more web services: social networks, e-mail, online banking and so on. Each service require...

Beware of Webcams!

Attackers trying to infect your computer with malware capable of remote access don’t necessarily seek money; some cybercriminals are just having fun. The most valuable items to th...

Securing Your Passwords With Pure 3.0

Despite cries and outrage from the security industry that passwords are an inadequate form of authentication for access to computers and online services, so many mechanisms depend...